Adding Winter Interest to the Landscape

This time of year landscapes can be a bit less inspiring.  We have a few ideas to help enhance your winter landscape:

    - Consider evergreens to provide some green - or explore those that have unique coloration. Chartreuse, bluish/greyish, or even copperish evergreens are available.  

    - Upright ornamental grasses may add more texture, color, and movement throughout the winter.

    - Providing habitat for animals and birds adds life to the dormant winter landscape.  Sources of water and food greatly encourage birds and the shelter of dense/ evergreen plants is critical for many species.  Leaving certain areas of a property less manicured can be beneficial both for the budget and animals.  

    - Berries can provide both a splash of color and food for birds and other wildlife.  Flowering crabs, viburnum (cranberry bush, etc), winterberry holly, and others are good options.

   - Low-voltage landscape lighting is another way to really enhance the winter landscape.  Landscape lighting is especially beneficial in winter since nights are so long.  Highlighting trees with unique form and adding a wash of light to highlight a home's architecture are two great choices.  Simply having something “intentional and bright” in the evening winter landscape is highly beneficial. 


    - Plants with interesting seed heads, colorful bark, and interesting form.

Hydrangea paniculata flower heads stay attractive throughout winter

Hydrangea paniculata flower heads stay attractive throughout winter