Please Note

Our typical project size is between $10,000 and $100,000.

Larger projects are often phased into smaller components for clarity and to develop a level of trust without committing entirely to a larger project. 

Smaller projects are possible if and when they fit our business needs and goals. We reserve the right to require a project minimums when busy as smaller projects often require more intense coordination than larger projects and are inherently less profitable. If you see our trucks in your neighborhood frequently there’s a better chance we will be willing to take on a smaller project. Proximity to other projects of a similar nature allows us to be efficient, provide better customer service, and offer quality work at a fair price.  

We are also interested in doing artistic, sustainable work and trout fishing….If your project may enable this we’re more likely to consider it.

We reserve the right to be selective about the projects we take on and reserve the right to say no to a project for any reason.

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It is helpful to understand budget and how long a project will last to realistically meet your goals. (ex. budget range, project or property size etc)
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