Brick & Stone Patios

Brick Patio - Nakoma

Brick Patio - Nakoma

Brick, paver, and stone patios create the perfect gathering spaces to entertain and relax.  There’s something so perfect about firing up the barbecue and relaxing with friends, or even just spending a short while with a loved one outdoors to watch twilight fall and the fireflies emerging.  Something about being outside takes away the pressures of the day and makes life feel more natural. Patios are a natural fit for most homeowners.  With options ranging from a simple space to set up a few chairs and a fire pit, to an outdoor living showcase complete with conveniences such as outdoor kitchens, lighting, and hot tubs, patios have almost become "outdoor living rooms" in modern times.

We specialize in high-quality clay pavers and natural stone.  These material choices are a timeless solution that is fitting for both modern and older homes.  The color, warmth, and texture are simply not found in the concrete-based products that are commonly installed.  

Our landscape design staff will work with you to find the perfect layout and materials for your patio.  Adding special elements like outdoor lighting, fire pits, and outdoor kitchens dramatically enhance use and enjoyment of these spaces.  Patio spaces by Aspen Garden and Landscape are built for enjoyment and built to last.  Feel free to call us at (608)219-8944 to discuss your patio ideas.  


Patio Layout & Design Considerations


Ensuring adequate slope away from the home is critical, as is appropriately setting the elevations adjacent to the home.  Keeping the landscape surface well below the level of the siding and framing of the home and sloping the grade away help keep unwanted moisture away. 


Before planning a patio addition be sure to ask if there are any zoning ordinances, deed restrictions/ neighborhood covenants, or other regulations / standards to be aware of. For example, in Madison there are zoning regulations on the maximum percentage of impervious space on site - this percentage varies based on which zoning type your property is classified.  If you want to include a fire pit you’ll need to follow certain guidelines as well. 


Knowing where utilities are buried may influence your patio design.  Always call Digger’s Hotline before excavating.  Also keep in mind that private utilities like electric lines between a home and detached garage or shed are not located by Digger’s Hotline and may be in your area of proposed excavation.  


Consider the site's specific climate.  Think about the different seasons and times of day you might use the space.  Consider sun/shade patterns, prevailing breezes, etc.  If you know the breezes generally come from the southwest don’t site the barbecue to the southwest where it will 'smoke out' the seating area. 


Consider the good and bad.  Siting a patio to take advantage of beautiful views is an obvious choice.  Screening of unsightly views and utilities also makes sense.


Being in a space where you feel exposed and “on display” to the neighbors is never comfortable.   Maybe your patio is best tucked into a nook along the home, or maybe you should budget for some hedge plantings or a fence to make the space more private. 

Connection to the Home

Consider how the landscape and home can be better integrated.  Maybe a pass-through window from the kitchen would make grilling easier? Maybe adding French doors in the place of that bay window would make sense?


Consider providing subspaces — especially with a larger patio it’s nice to provide small gathering areas off to the edge to allow for smaller groups to form.

Patio Enhancements

Want to add a great deal of entertaining value to your patio? Hot tubs, outdoor kitchens, landscape lighting, water features, and fire rings are all becoming increasing popular - and for good reason, they can make a patio more enjoyable.  All of these enhancements do add complexity in planning and execution so be sure to think through your wish list before getting too far into the design.

Mocking Up The Patio Space

Before committing to a shape for your patio, consider spray painting the shape onto the ground (or use a hose or clothesline laid around the edge).  Place some folding chairs and maybe a card table to help understand how the space will flow.