Fine Gardening

Plantings are often thought of as the "icing on the cake" - purely for decoration.  Sure, there are a lot of beautiful plants out there, but my training in landscape architecture helped me to realize how each element in a landscape can and should be providing multiple functions rather than simply looking nice.  Some uses for plants include: defining outdoor rooms, screening unsightly views, adding privacy, providing food, providing shade, influencing wind patterns, supporting desirable wildlife, and many others.

Trees & Shrubs

Trees and shrubs add structure and substance to the landscape in addition to adding shade and other benefits.

Rain Gardens

Rain gardens are a great way to make your landscape more sustainable.   In addition to adding beauty, they provide habitat for birds & butterflies, protect water quality, and reduce flooding.


Perennials/ Annuals

Perennials provide a great deal of color and textural interest in the landscape… and colorful annuals are just fun!

Vegetable Gardens/ Edibles 

Vegetable gardens can be a great addition to any home landscape.  Edible landscaping goes a step further and uses edible plants beyond the borders of the traditional vegetable garden.  

Native Plants

Native plants have what it takes to thrive in Wisconsin's climate - and are beautiful additions to any landscape.

Landscape Maintenance

A soft lush lawn can look nice and be a great activity or gathering space.  Some aspects of lawns aren't so great though.  We're studying and working hard to find more sustainable solutions.  


We always work hard to find plants that will fit your needs.  Before selecting plantings we'll assess the site conditions and soils and also recommend any soil amendments that will help your plantings to succeed.  Once the plantings are installed, we can provide you with detailed care instructions or even help maintain them as much as you desire.  We're always just a phone call away if you have any questions or concerns about your plantings. 

Customer Testimonial

Eric did a great job improving the landscape. He picked plants that are easy to maintain and look great. He also worked in all of our “wishes” in a way that is harmonious with the design. This included a small vegetable garden area and re-using some of our existing plants. Cost was reasonable and transparent. Eric itemized his bid and his invoice so I knew exactly what I was paying for. My wife and I love the finished product.
— Matt G. - Madison,WI