Landscape Renovation

Whether your landscape is simply outdated or you've just completed a home addition that changes how you'll be using your yard, we can help.  Perhaps you've recently purchased a new 'older' home and have had a few surprises.  We have over 20 years of experience landscaping around older and historic homes and always enjoy the opportunity to work with homeowners to reimagine their surroundings.  We have experience working in every type of setting, from the smallest urban lot, to large acreages in the countryside, to estates along Lake Michigan, so we're sure to provide you with a product you'll be delighted with. 

Whenever discussing landscape renovations we promise honest, practical input on how to best move forward.  Whether you're looking to renovate your entire backyard or simply want design suggestions that will look nice around your 1920's bungalow we’re here to help.  We're always happy to talk - we don't just build landscapes, we build relationships.

Before - Backyard Renovation - Nakoma - Madison, WI

Before - Backyard Renovation - Nakoma - Madison, WI

During - Backyard Renovation - Nakoma - Madison, WI

During - Backyard Renovation - Nakoma - Madison, WI

After- Backyard Renovation - Nakoma - Madison, WI

After- Backyard Renovation - Nakoma - Madison, WI

Landscape Renovation Process

Understanding Goals / Budget

Our first step is always learning your goals for the site.   We utilize a thorough Client Questionnaire (Link Here) to be sure we discuss all important considerations.  We also utilize Houzz Ideabooks to share ideas and photos with clients.   It is also important to understand your budget early in the process point so we can be sure we can realistically meet your goals. 

Landscape Redesign

After gaining a good understanding of your needs, desires, and budget, we then thoroughly analyze the site to understand opportunities and constraints.  We explore different ways of incorporating all of your desired elements/themes into the landscape.  Depending on the level of detail and time necessary design fees can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars for this step. 

We provide a good deal of value with our designs and will often meet several times throughout the process to be sure we're on the right track before making major decisions or finalizing a plan.  Clients appreciate that we complete a spray painted layout right on the ground so they can get a better feel for the proposed design.  We will often set up a patio table and some chairs, for example, to make sure the space feels just right. 

Landscape Renovation / Construction

Once we've decided on a scope and design for the project, we'll send you a detailed contract for the work.  Individual tasks will be line-itemed so you can understand where your money is going.  

We'll then discuss scheduling and any other details to ensure the project goes smoothly from start to finish.  We have the perfect low-impact construction equipment to access back yards through narrow gates and side yards so can often accomplish more work with less damage to the surroundings than those using traditional equipment.  This means less stress on neighbors, trees, and you.


Customer Testimonial

Aspen Garden and Landscape did excellent work designing and building a brick patio for my backyard. The owner Eric Jacobson was great to work with....

My backyard gently slopes toward the house so he had the idea to build a small wall and garden area into the slope.... In the build phase, Eric really put in the time to make sure everything came together the way that it was supposed to....

Cost was reasonable and transparent. Eric itemized his bid and his invoice so I knew exactly what I was paying for. My wife and I love the finished product.

We get lots of compliments from friends and neighbors. I highly recommend you consider Aspen Garden and Landscape if you are looking to do an outdoor project.
— Matt G. - Madison, WI
Before - Landscape Renovation - Nakoma - Madison, WI

Before - Landscape Renovation - Nakoma - Madison, WI

After - Landscape Renovation - Nakoma - Madison,WI

After - Landscape Renovation - Nakoma - Madison,WI

Common Landscape Renovation Tasks

  • Dividing Perennials

  • Retaining Wall Installation

  • Retaining Wall Repair / Replacement

  • Fix Grading / Stormwater Management

  • Redefining Planting Bed Edges

  • Lawn Renovation

  • General "Sprucing Up"

  • Patio / Walkway Installation

  • Patio / Walkway Repair

  • Tree and Shrub Replacement

  • Removal of Over-planted Shrubs (too dense/ too close to home)

  • Landscape Plantings

  • Renewal Pruning

  • Transplanting Shrubs / Perennials


Customer Testimonial

Eric (the owner of Aspen Garden & Landscape) did an amazing job on our property. We moved into a 100 year old house a couple of years ago, and we would get water in the basement every time there was a significant rain. He helped us design and execute a cost effective plan to drain water away from the house while doing some beautification along the way. This included regrading the entire property, constructing a small retaining wall, installing some underground drainage tubes, planting an entire lawn, and creating some planting beds around the property.

In short, work with Eric and Aspen Garden & Landscape. You won’t regret it.
— Paul - Madison, WI

Landscape Renovation - Project Examples

A few project photos showing a Madison, WI back yard landscape renovation - including a quick conceptual design and simple sketch to help convey design ideas to the client.

Thanks for a very fine job and especially staying within budget despite our many changes -  Hope we can work with you again soon!
— Gary - Mount Horeb, WI

Iowa County Farmhouse

A brick walkway, steps, and a patio space create an inviting, safe entrance for this historic Iowa County farmhouse.  Low voltage landscape lighting lights the walkway and creates a nice ambiance to enjoy the evening hours.