Stormwater & Grading

Landscape Grading with Tiller Attachment

Landscape Grading with Tiller Attachment

A wet, leaking basement is a problem no one wants to have.  Appropriate landscape grading is necessary to ensure your home and property are not damaged by surface stormwater. 

Assessing the Problem

The critical first step is understanding where (and why) water is entering the home.  This step should not be rushed - and there is no "one size fits all" solution.  Sometimes, the problem is obvious.  Often-times problems are below ground and we can't possibly know everything we'd like so we need to make a judgement call based on experience.  For complicated projects we've developed a thorough assessment protocol to better guide our "detective" work.  

Our Grading and Stormwater Assessment service includes:

  • Providing and reviewing a detailed questionnaire to help you better describe the issues, and help us to understand them.

  • Up to 60 minutes onsite where we will investigate issues, inside of the home and out. We'll check out your foundation and water management systems and use an extremely accurate site level to help us understand grading problems. We'll also review topographic maps of the area to uncover larger scale issues.

  • A report highlighting our findings.

  • Free travel for all Madison locations.

Our training in landscape architecture helped us better understand these complex issues - and provided us with many stormwater management solutions. Cost for our Grading and Stormwater Assessment is just $189 (additional travel fees may apply).  If we decide to work together on Landscape Grading Services we'll even credit 50% of consultation fees back to your account.  If solutions are simple, or we can't offer much help, we'll even reduce the cost to $109.

If you'd like to see an example report, just fill in the contact form and let us know. 

Our goal with this service isn't to make money, but rather to uncover issues and provide solutions in a no-pressure, non-rushed manner.  We've found that many water issues are multifaceted and take time to uncover.  Rather than rushing to make a sale we often find that a solution evolves the longer we talk and the more we learn.  Oftentimes we recommend you bring another type of contractor in rather than us.  We enjoy the challenge of gaining an understanding of issues and working towards finding an approach to fit your needs. 

Landscape Drainage Correction

We'll discuss available drainage correction options with you and let you know approximate costs and the pros and cons of each option. Oftentimes, solutions are simple.  Adding downspout extensions, or a simple drain, for example, can cost-effectively solve many stormwater problems.  In cases where simple solutions won't solve the problem  maybe we need to reslope the property so it pitches away from the home.  Perhaps a rain garden can capture your stormwater and infiltrate it onsite or a swale is necessary to move water along the property line.  Other solutions are more complex and involve drains, underground pipes, and other methods of collecting, conducting and directing rain water.  

Robust Water Solutions

We always look for robust solutions with redundant systems in place to protect your home.  Rather than just installing a corrugated pipe, French drain, or dry well that will inevitably clog up over time, we are always looking for longer-term solutions.  We have a thorough knowledge of the drainage products available and understand the benefits and shortfalls of each.

A Sustainable Approach

We believe that reducing the damaging effects of stormwater on a home is one of the most sustainable things we can do as a company.  Many homes are slowly rotting because the lawn is pitched to allow water and mulch in close proximity to the wooden framing components.  

We believe that appropriate site grading can preserve your home and help sustain the earth.  When designing and specifying grading solutions we are always looking for opportunities to reduce flooding downstream, enhance water quality, and add beauty to the landscape.  Rain gardens are often a part of that solution.  See our rain garden page to learn more. 

Completing the Work

After we decide on an approach we'll sign a contract together that details our process.  We'll improve drainage on your property using compact, low-impact equipment to minimize disturbance.  We have the perfect equipment to access back yards through narrow gates and side yards.  Once work is complete, we can restore your landscape or lawn so it looks like we weren't even there - or we can make it look even better! 

Grading / Drainage Correction Services Include:

  • Consultation on Site Grading and Water Management

  • Design of Stormwater Management Systems

  • Site Regrading

  • Swale Installation

  • Catch Basin/ Drain Installation

  • Downspout Burial

  • Dry Stream Bed Installation

  • French Drains

  • Dry Wells

  • Rain Gardens

and More  

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Eric (the owner of Aspen Garden & Landscape) did an amazing job on our property. We moved into a 100 year old house a couple of years ago, and we would get water in the basement every time there was a significant rain. He helped us design and execute a cost effective plan to drain water away from the house while doing some beautification along the way. This included regrading the entire property, constructing a small retaining wall, installing some underground drainage tubes, planting an entire lawn, and creating some planting beds around the property.

...In short, work with Eric and Aspen Garden & Landscape. You won’t regret it.
— Paul - Madison, WI
Rain Garden in Progress

Rain Garden in Progress

Customer Testimonial

From the get-go, Eric stood out from the rest. He came out twice when giving his estimate so he could be sure of the measurements, utilities, etc. I appreciated the thoroughness and care he took before he even started work. He communicated very well through the entire process. His work was top notch. I will most certainly be recommending Eric to anyone and everyone I can. I was very impressed.
— Matt H. - Verona, WI

Customer Testimonial

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