Landscape Maintenance

We don't mow lawns, spray weed killers, remove large trees, or plow snow but we do provide the landscape maintenance support most Madison area home owners need.  We work with you to make informed landscape maintenance decisions, and can help you to achieve your goals with either one-time care/consultation or recurring services.  We'll even assist in creating a management plan that you can implement.  

Landscape Maintenance Services
- Pruning
- Mulching
- Weeding
- Lawn revitalization
- Nutrient/soil chemistry management
- Compost addition
- Repair of snow damage
- Spring and fall cleanups
- Edging

Getting to Know You Spring Cleanup Plan

Need some general cleanup help but don’t know where to start?

Check out our new offering that includes multiple lawn and maintenance services all rolled into one simple and customized package - just for you!

Whatever your goals, we can help you to make your landscape more beautiful, sustainable, or simply lower in maintenance.

Our Lawn Services

Lawns are a big part of the modern landscape.   It makes some sense - lawns are walkable, provide a nice surface to play on, can look appealing, and are generally easily maintained.  Besides, there's very little thought necessary to making a fairly flat area, sprinkling some seed on it, watering until it grows, then mowing it weekly... It's almost too easy.  But just because it's easy doesn't make it a perfect solution.  There are the chemical and water inputs, emissions from mowers, blowers, and trimmers, and the fact that there might be some better choices for areas where lawn has been installed as the default choice.  Because lawns are here to stay, we've been interested in finding lower impact lawn options and maintenance approaches.


Lawn services include:

  • Lawn Installation

    • Including Alternative Lawn Types

  • Lawn Renovation

  • Lawn Fertilization (Natural based products)

  • Overseeding

  • Core Aeration

  • Compost Topdressing

What we don't do:

  • Mow & Blow

  • Herbicide Application

When installing turf grass we strive to:

  • Understand site conditions

    • sun/ shade, moisture patterns, use patterns

  • Understand the soils

    • pH, texture, water holding capacity, nutrient levels

  • Properly prepare the site before installation

    • incl. eliminating nearby seed/weed sources

    • incl. amending / addressing soil issues

  • Select the right seed varieties for the conditions and desired maintenance