Native Plants

Native plants are a fitting addition to any landscape.  These plants are adapted to Wisconsin’s climactic variations and therefore need minimal care and resources once established.  Wisconsin is home to a great variety of landscape types from the pockets of boreal forest in the northern portion of the state to the oak savannas and prairies of the southern and western portions of the state. Although we cannot recreate these natural landscapes, we can use them as inspiration to create a true sense of place within our home landscapes. 

Environmental Benefits

By utilizing native plants, we can support butterflies, birds and other indigenous creatures and be sure that we aren’t introducing invasive exotic plants into our unique environment.  We can reduce or eliminate supplemental watering and fertilizer application.  We can become more knowledgeable about the natural history of our land.  In short, we can feel that our personal land use decisions are truly benefiting the environment.

Native Wildflower Garden - Shooting Star & Wild Geranium - Madison, WI

Native Wildflower Garden - Shooting Star & Wild Geranium - Madison, WI

In selecting plants, it is the policy of Aspen Garden & Landscape to focus on native plants and low maintenance non-natives that are not potentially invasive.