Our Staff


John (Eric) Jacobsen - Owner

Eric has worked in the landscape industry since 1996.  From 2000 to 2014, he worked at a local firm in a variety of roles including ecological designer and project manager and has worked for several other companies around the state.  

In addition to practical, field-based experience Eric has earned both a BS-Landscape Architecture from UW-Madison and an Associate's Degree in Landscape Horticulture from Milwaukee Area Technical College. 

He is passionate about landscaping and gardening and is constantly reading and exploring other opportunities to learn.  His passion for landscape gardening is matched only by his  love of burritos.



Jason - Landscape Crew Leader

Jason grew up on a farm in southwest Wisconsin and has been involved in the landscape and restoration industry for most of two decades.  Jason takes his work seriously and is a true craftsperson….his attention to detail can be nearly maddening at times.  We’ve all learned a lot from him and his varied skillset.

In his spare time, Jason has numerous hobbies including disc golf,  throwing hatchets at targets, and having a pint or four.

Jason claims to be related to various historical figures including the first governor of Wisconsin and some guy that know one has ever heard of. He also insists that he’s 1/64th garden gnome (on his Father's side). If Jason were a bottle of wine, he’d definitely be Boone’s farm.


Seth - Super Utility Fielder

Seth is a complicated man.  During a multi-dimensional career including permaculture/gardening and working as a youth coordinator, Seth has always felt a strong yearning to be a lumberjack (mostly for the flapjacks).  Seth decided, however, that working with us may provide a more stable path than lumberjacking.    Seth works both in our office and the field so has a good grip on everything going on at Aspen.  He thinks about things a lot! If you ever have an issue contact Seth -  he's the guy to help.

This winter Seth says he looks forward to using Excel so he can use  his new-found love "paste special" and hit "control Z"  repeatedly. 

Seth is the proud father of two young kids so if he looks tired and cranky it's because he's not getting enough sleep.  He loves this job - really!  It's not the job if he looks cranky - it's lack of sleep.  His boss is Awesome!

If Seth were a bottle of wine, he’d be a late-picked Riesling.



Wilder is a recent transplant to Madison.  An east coast native he’s travelled quite a bit and found a passion for digging trenches while doing landscape work professionally in Bend, Oregon.

 Wilder’s favorite color is something he calls “pink-melon soft.”   He dreams of some day opening a boutique smoothie parlour and stationery shoppe called Wilder’s Dream Emporium.

Although he seems like a pretty good dude, I found out yesterday that he’s a New England Patriots fan so we may need to fire him this fall.

If Wilder were a bottle of wine he’d be a half-full bottle of guwertztraminer. (He’s optimistic, not lacking).


 Brandon is a Fitchburg native, Currently Studying biology at UW-Lacrosse (well, not currently because he’s working with us during the summer).  Anyhow,  he spent the first few weeks of summer break paddling and fishing in Canada.    He’s an avid outdoorsman - especially when it involves proving his dominance over other species.  (He shot a deer last year that was bigger than a cow! )

 Brandon has a soft side too. He has a kitty named Mr. Sparkles and hosts a smooth jazz radio program on UW Lacrosse Student Radio. It’s called “Smooth B and the Mid-Morning Wakeup” for anyone interested in tuning in.

If Brandon were a bottle of wine, he’d be a nice Tempranillo.


Imagine Your Photo Here! We could write funny, half truths about you and your could work here. It would be awesome!


Aspen Garden & Landscape Hall of Fame


Donovan - The Intern

Ladies, he has a girlfriend already - so lay off.

He’s a Madison Native and Graduate (2019) of the Architectural Technologies Department at MATC. He knows how to climb rocks ( and prefers his margaritas on the rocks as well). He likes long walks on the beach. He hopes to some day travel to Enceladus (Saturn’s third largest moon) (but only after after he usurps Seth’s job responsibilities) .

An interesting fact about Donovan is that he was born with six kidneys.


Luke - Landscape Team Member Extraordinaire

If you are ever sitting at home and think David Lee Roth's son is in your back yard don't worry, It's just Luke!  

Luke is a recent grad of Verona High School where he excelled at sports and making the young ladies swoon.  Luke grew up with a skilled craftsman for a father and has a broad base of experience including construction, concrete work, and opening beer bottles with his teeth.  Related - Luke just had his first root-canal experience this week.

Luke has twin schnauzers named Michelle & Pfieffer.  

Luke is not a bottle of wine.


Paul - Landscape Team Member Extraordinaire

Have you ever looked up the term "sweet dude" on the google?  I just did and was surprised that there wasn't a picture of Paul there. Paul is about the easiest guy in the world to get along with and he's also pretty good at landscaping. 

In his spare time, Paul is writing a concerto for alto tuba and enjoys collecting a diverse array of antique salt and pepper shakers.

Paul’s nick-name is '“mini hand-axe”

If Paul were a bottle of wine - He’d be Bartles and James ‘cuz ain’t no body cooler.