Water Problems - Spring 2018

Do You Have A Stormwater Issue?  

Grading with Dingo Tiller

Grading with Dingo Tiller

You aren't alone - heavy January rains atop frozen soils uncovered many unexpected water issues.  We've met with dozens of homeowners who are getting water in their basements for the first time - several have had finished basements ruined by torrents of water.   Worse yet, they fear that the worst is yet to come as weather patterns are becoming more and more erratic.   Similar weather conditions have continued throughout spring with large fluctuations in temperature causing rapid melting and other troublesome conditions.

We're Here To Help!
Our Grading / Drainage Services Include:

  • Consultation on Site Grading and Water Management

  • Design of Stormwater Management Systems

  • Site Regrading

  • Swale Installation

  • Catch Basin/ Drain Installation

  • Downspout Burial

  • Dry Stream Bed Installation

  • French Drains

  • Dry Wells

  • Rain Gardens, and more.

But We Can't Solve All Problems

Sometimes water problems are caused by a high water table throughout the neighborhood.  An underground "lake" of water is literally pushing up through any cracks in the floor and nothing we can do at the surface will help.  Dewatering the basement can only be done with a sump system.  We always recommend a battery backup system to power your system in case electricity goes out in a storm.  Another situation we can't address alone is that some foundations are so cracked that it would be silly to spend money on landscape improvements when there is a high likelihood they'll be trashed to excavate and repair the foundation in the future.  

What You Can Expect

When you work with us, we'll conduct a thorough exploration to try to understand all the contributing factors - both on and off-site.  Grading issues can be tricky.  We'll work with you to understand options to solve your problems.   We'll discuss how various options may impact your use of the space and impact your budget.  Training in Landscape Architecture and decades of experience has given us a thorough understanding of the issues and options available   We'd be happy to talk through your stormwater problems with you.  

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Customer Testimonial

Eric did an amazing job on our property. We moved into a 100 year old house a couple of years ago, and we would get water in the basement every time there was a significant rain. He helped us design and execute a cost effective plan to drain water away from the house while doing some beautification along the way. This included regrading the entire property, constructing a small retaining wall, installing some underground drainage tubes, planting an entire lawn, and creating some planting beds around the property.

In short, work with Eric and Aspen Garden & Landscape. You won’t regret it.
— Paul - Madison, WI