Landscape Design Client Questionnaire

Please complete this questionnaire and return it to us at least one week prior to meeting with our designer.  This is a thorough form, so please schedule at least one hour, (with all decision makers) to complete it.  Feel free to complete online, or copy & paste and type into this as a word document or simply print and complete.  Answering all questions isn’t required, but the information gathered from this questionnaire will help us to better understand design opportunities and challenges and lead to a better finished productFeel free to send additional sheets or photos.

Name *
Phone *
What is your communication preference?
Partner Name
Partner Name
These are important factors in developing a landscape design that accommodates your life needs.
Is there any likelihood of additional family members?
If so, please explain
Are any site users mobility impaired?
If so, please list and describe
Do you have any pets that need accommodation?
The following questions can aid our understanding of the surroundings to enable us to work as safely and considerately as possible.
If so, please specify
Do you live in a neighborhood with covenant rules, deed restrictions or easements? *
Do you have, or can you acquire, a site plan or blueprint of your property? *
Any available information can save costs and improve plan accuracy.
Can you accurately locate property lines? *
Please make sure to mark them appropriately before we arrive.
Do you know of any electric, septic, irrigation, drain or other buried lines or objects that won’t be located by digger’s hotline? *
Please find any documentation for these items.
Do you have up-to-date electrical service? *
For some tasks we will need a 15 amp outlet and access to your fuse panel.
Is there any possibility of private utility lines to an outbuilding, unattached garage, old lamppost, etc.? *
While working in areas with the possibility of private utility lines we need to turn power off at the circuit breaker.
Is on-street parking for a truck and trailer difficult in your neighborhood? *
If so, please specify: ex. no parking Thursdays or 2 hour parking
May we leave tools and equipment in your garage or other storage area over night? *
May our crew members use your bathroom facilities during the installation process? *
Please describe
If so, please describe any issue
ex. grading or tree removal along a property line, etc
For example, “we are required to manage additional stormwater with rain gardens because we put an addition on the house”
Gusting winds, pooling of stormwater, extreme drought, and ice formation are some important considerations.
Rank 1-5 (1 being most urgent)
If so, please make sure to mark them or specify them to us before installation.
If so, please make sure to mark them or specify them to us before installation.
Have you or any lawn maintenance personnel used any pesticides on the property? *
If yes, we would like a copy of pesticide application records.
Are you comfortable with the limited use of pesticides or would you prefer a pesticide free yard? *
Is your vehicle storage area suitable? Do you think your driveway layout may need to be changed due to improper design, drainage issues, or future vehicle purchases? *
If yes, have you determined where or why the leaking occurs?
If so, please specificy: stone, plants, and sculpture are possibilities
Do you plan on adding on to your home in the next ten years? *
What type of snow removal equipment/material is used on your property?
Select all that apply
Has your soil been tested in the last two years?
This helps us know the type and extent of work we can help with, as well as to frame the scale of the projects in scheduling the work.
What kind of landscape projects are you interested in? *
Check all that apply:
Do you have any of the following problems with your landscape?
Check all that apply:
Help us get a better feel for the style you are hoping to achieve. If left blank, it is assumed that there is no preference.
If so, please describe
If so, please describe
If so, please describe
If so, please describe
What range of plant maturity would you prefer we use?
Keep in mind that larger plants cost considerably more to install and often don’t grow as fast as smaller plants.
What plant spacing do you prefer?
What groundcovers do you prefer?
Check all that apply
Which plant regions do you prefer to have on your property?
If so, please specify: ex. Asian, contemporary, cottage, native, formal, informal, curves, straight lines, strongly geometric, organic, other?
If so, please describe. Photos can be helpful, so feel free to send any or start an ideabook on Houzz
Is it important to have your landscape to look similar to your neighbors - visually blending into the neighborhood? *
If so, please describe
What type of landscape boundary do you prefer along your property lines?
The following qualities are important to me... *
The following qualities are important to me...
please use statement to rank accordingly
Low Maintenance
Curb Appeal
ie., how many people might be on the patio or in the yard at one time?
Will you entertain in the evening?
Are your outdoor occasions generally formal or casual?
Please estimate a percentage of your lot you would like to be lawn.
Although most people don’t like to discuss their budget, we find it is critical to discuss early on to reduce frustration later in the process. Having a realistic idea on the budget from the outset allows us to make appropriate decisions and maximize value.
Roughly, what is your budget for initial landscape installation? *
Keep in mind that many projects may be installed in annual phases to reduce initial costs. Check the most appropriate answer.
What is your plan for maintaining your landscape? *
About how many hours weekly?
If so, please specify:
If you do, this should be done prior to the arrival of our crew.
Are you willing and able to water new plantings several times weekly during the summer? *
Are you willing and able to water new turf 2x daily during establishment? *
We are interested in a temporary irrigation system.
if yes, please specifiy
Which of the following services do you use:
Please click all that apply
Initial client meetings last up to one hour

Thank you for completing this questionnaire. We will typically respond within a week. If you completed by printing out, please mail copy to: 842 High St, Madison, WI 53715.