Landscape Design

Client Focused & Site Specific Landscape Design

Our passion is working with Madison, WI area homeowners to design beautiful, functional landscapes.  Our projects always reflect the unique tastes and personalities of our clients as well as working with the site's greater context.  Factors like site architecture and local ecology inform our process and are reflected in our designs.

A Proven Process

Our proven landscape design process ensures the success of your project.  To make sure the landscape plan we are creating fits your needs, we ask that you complete a Landscape Design Questionnaire before we complete any design work.  This document prompts thought and discussion - ensuring we know all relevant info about the site and your goals/desires.  We'll discuss design and installation costs early in the process so you don't end up with a design that is too expensive to implement.  We'll also happily provide you with choices between various options throughout the process.  To read more about our design process see the link below.

Client Testimonial

Eric was able to design a great plan that addresses our concerns and preferences.... We especially like Eric’s approach because he uses materials and styles that match the age of our home, and he tries to re-purpose what we already have as much as possible to cut down on waste and cost...
— Emily - Madison, WI

Residential Landscape Design Examples

Landscape Design Services

Our professional landscape design staff can provide anything from a simple onsite landscape consultation to detailed landscape master plans.  

Perhaps you are considering a DIY project. It may be worth hiring a consultant to review your plans with you to help identify any potential issues or opportunities.

Maybe you need a full Master Plan to work from.  We can help there too. 


Design Is Important - Design Is Our Passion

Thoughtful design is critical to the successful of any landscape.  Balancing functional and aesthetic considerations is both a challenge, and extremely satisfying.  Training in landscape architecture and decades of experience with professional gardening and landscape design/installation have given us a great wealth of experience to draw upon. We've dealt with everything  from complex drainage issues to large retaining walls to simple planting plans.

We believe in making landscapes that make sense - landscapes that seem to somehow fit the site effortlessly.  We don't add extra squiggles and unexpected blasts of bold color simply to "add interest."  We believe in subtlety, nuance, and economy of line. 

We've been told we over-think things.  We think it's better than the alternative. 

Just Imagine -

A Professionally Designed Landscape That Reflects Your Wishes & Desires

Completing our simple Design Questionnaire is the first step.

We Will Build Your Dream Landscape Too!

As a full-service landscape design / build contractor we are capable of installing any design we create.  As a small firm, our designer/ business owner is intimately involved in all aspects of a project - from start to finish.  We are also happy to work with homeowners who want to install all or portions of their own landscapes.