Do you need a functional and beautiful hardscape element?

We offer expert installation of patios, walkways, and retaining walls in Madison, Shorewood Hills, and surrounding areas.  We focus on solutions that are beautiful, complement your home's aesthetic, and fit your needs.  Enhancements like landscape lighting, fire pits, and outdoor kitchens create the perfect outdoor getaway to entertain your family and friends.  Other hardscape services we provide include: driveways, pervious/porous paving, vegetable beds, and hardscape repair. 

My training in landscape architecture helped my understanding of creating landscape elements that are safe, functional and user-friendly.   When going through the expense of installing a hardscape feature it's worth working with someone who can help design it for success.  To be sure our design team has a thorough understanding of your needs, dreams, and desires we've created a detailed Client Questionnaire.

Our Unsurpassed Hardscape Warranty

Because we carefully listen to your needs and put a great deal of thought into the design and construction of our work, we know you'll love it.  Because we use time-tested materials & time-tested techniques we know it will last.  We are proud to guarantee our brick and stonework for five years. 


Gathering spaces are the heart of any home landscape.  Our patios made of brick & flagstone are a timeless choice and we build them right!

Retaining Walls

Grade changes can be managed or enhanced through appropriate use of retaining walls.  We focus on natural stone for a timeless appeal.

Walkways & Steps

Walkways and steps provide important connections within your landscape.  We provide a variety of material and design options.

Customer Testimonial

Aspen Garden and Landscape did excellent work designing and building a brick patio for my backyard.

The owner Eric Jacobsen was great to work with. In the design phase, Eric listened to my ideas for the space and made smart suggestions. My backyard gently slopes toward the house so he had the idea to build a small wall and garden area into the slope. It was a great design.

In the build phase, Eric really put in the time to make sure everything came together the way that it was supposed to.
— Matt - Madison, WI

What Makes Our Hardscapes So Great?

We're all about the base (and the backfill). 

Much of the critical work in a hardscape is never seen.  Most anyone can make a pretty patio, but to us, the most beautiful part is entirely hidden.  The real beauty of a well-built hardscape is not just in its visual appearance but in knowing that it will function as designed for years to come.  The longevity of a hardscape is founded on the quality of the base on which it's laid. 

The compacted gravel base below the brick is entirely hidden but is critical to the long term success of a patio.  We even add geotextile fabric below and wrapping around the patio base to keep surrounding soils from infiltrating.  This geotextile fabric also functions to bridge any soft spots in the underlying soils - unifying the base.  Similarly, the base below and backfill/drainage system behind a retaining wall are critically important. 

Because the most important parts of hardscapes are hidden, it's important to trust who you are working with and understand their construction methods.  Doing it right the first time may cost more, but doing it again costs more.